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 Become a Better Lover with the Foreplay Playbook

 Become a Better Lover with the Foreplay PlaybookClick Image To Visit SiteDoes any woman really want to hear, “I’ll be quick” as encouragement to have an intimate encounter? Think about it. Women want to be seduced not manhandled. Remember all the Universal movie monsters; Frankenstein, the Mummy, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon? These guys are all either unappealing to women or have to kidnap them under cover of darkness. However, Dracula is the exception, women surrender to him because he makes them feel desired, not attacked. Women want to be seduced. It makes them feel wanted.

Any woman can be seduced when she is starved for positive attention. The simple fact is if a man shows a woman in a negative situation enough positive attention she naturally will be drawn to him like the pull of a magnetic force because he is giving her something that she’s missing. And you ask what is this thing that she’s missing?

Well it’s the concept of “being made to feel special”, as this is the one phrase that most females use to describe what they feel is lacking in their relationships with their male partners. See it’s an emotional deficiency not a physical or material one. Consider your lover a box of delicious sugary cereal and yourself as a little boy who is not interested in the breakfast but rather THE toy inside the box. Then reflect on your own relationship and ask yourself…

Well its time to mix up some “special” sauce & the recipes for seduction can be found right here in the pages of the Foreplay Playbook.

The Foreplay Playbook is for two types of men, those in a committed relationship whose flames of desire may have dimmed over time or for those who can’t seem to keep a woman on the hook after… Read more…

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