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Scott Hildreth is a man who literally has his pick of beautiful, sexy women…even ones half his age. In Premium Audio #16 you’ll also discover how he parlays his remarkable skills into best-selling literotica books that drive women so wild with horniness that they squirm in their chairs.

As promised in the audio program, Scott has graciously agreed to share the most important excerpts from his first blockbuster novel Baby Girl with you. What you are about to behold are the precise passages that point to applicable, transferrable skills that you can start using in the real world, hand-picked by the author himself.

As I’m sure you’ve noted above, Premium Audio #3 covers my epic take on how to identify women who are amazing in bed. But how about getting a woman’s own perspective on the whole subject as well?

Well, Marni Kinrys has been the world’s greatest "wing girl" for thousands of guys for over ten years now. That made her my undisputed first choice for the mission at hand, and she was more than excited to take it on. The result is this all-original e-book, created by Marni exclusively for Behind Closed Doors.

The art of flirting is widely understood and misapplied by men everywhere. Yet, in truth it’s actually amazingly easy to effortlessly talk to women in a way that clearly demonstrates you’re both interesting and interested.

Fran Greene, the author of The Flirting Bible joins me for this practical guide to igniting your conversation with women in a way that makes sure they can’t help but adore you. Want to stay… Read more…

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