Classic Christmas Stories

Classic Christmas StoriesClick Image To Visit SiteWelcome to the Classic Christmas Stories site. Here, for your reading pleasure and edification, are some of the best known christmas stories, such as Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol, Hans Christian Andersen’s The Fir Tree, and two versions of Clement Moore’s A Visit From St. Nicholas (also known as ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas). We are also happy to bring you the lavishly illustrated, but anonymous The Night after Christmas. Watch these pages (and YouTube) for a new video of that poem. As a part of our ongoing publication of historically interesting documents, we present the lesser known classic Old Christmas, from The Sketch Book of Washington Irving. The illustrations are by R. Caldecott. And for something a little bit different, look at Elizabeth Anderson’s The Goblins’ Christmas,as illustrated by Alexander Sharp. Now available! We are proud to announce the availability of our new clipart collection, Victorian and Early Twentieth Century Illustrations. It includes many of the illustrations from our featured books, as well as a variety of others. Read more…

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