Comprehensive Guide to Speedlight Portrait Lighting - SimpleSLR GuidesClick Image To Visit SiteWith over 32 years active in photography, 12 of which as a wedding professional, I find these series of books to be well done and informative! Andy presents lighting techniques in terms that are easy to understand and duplicate. I highly recommend his series of eBooks.

Whether you’re a pro or you’re just starting into photography, this books explain complex things in such an easy way! I can only recommend you to buy them all. they’ll make you get what you want in your pictures and boost your creativity. I’m looking forward to hear about new books from Andy Lim.

I have really enjoyed the books and you have made some things so simple for me to understand. Although we have not met I feel I know much about the way you do your photography, and I am happy to have shared in it.

Okay, I want all my money back ! Not from you but, everyone else that was suppose to teach me lighting techniques. This is theory and application displayed with illustrations and clear diagrams. Where have you been all these months, while I painstakingly studied, but never quite understood what was going on. Thank God I finally see the light !

I purchased simple SLR eBook set from Andy Lim. I must say one of most simplest eBook to understand the basics and some core elements of using flash, available light and portrait work. I have ready many books and articles , mostly they all take 50 -100 pages and some will cost you a leg or an arm! to make you understand a concept. Andy has taken his years of experience and put every thing in concise and easy to understand eBook, which you should be able to finish in probably an hour or two, you can also use… Read more…