Create Recipes Online With Fit Pro Client Recipes — Fit Pro Client RecipesClick Image To Visit SiteI needed recipes and I needed a lot of them FAST. Nothing out there matched what I needed until I found FPCR, I approached Karen and asked her if the system would deliver what I needed. She said no, but then proceeded to build what I had wanted into the system simply because I had asked for it, I needed it and she saw the long term benefit for the rest of her clients. I say clients because I have never felt like a “customer” I have always been treated like the most valuable asset to the business even though I am one of many clients the level of service I have received is unmatched. Anyone who needs to add the best recipes for their clients into their sales and value package should be using the system. I love it, my clients love it and they form an important part of y retention strategy.

The first thing you should know about me is… I’m NOT the world’s leading authority on Nutrition. In fact, the only thing I consider myself an expert in is creating nutritionally perfect recipes (whether they be to ‘Fit Your Macros’, Paleo/Primal, Low Carb, Vegan…you name it) that REAL people (AKA your clients ) not only love – but achieve AMAZING results with.

And if there is ONE thing I’ve learned in my Fitness & Nutrition career…it’s that providing personalised meal plans and diets means the difference between not being able to pay the bills – and a fully booked business.

"As soon as I discovered Fit Pro Client Recipes I knew it would greatly benefit my clients to get them better results, and it has. Every week I send out great tasting yet easy to make recipes that will help bring them closer to their goals… Read more…

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