Fitness Forms - Fitness Business FormsClick Image To Visit SiteI loved running my own fitness and personal training business, but when I started I was frustrated trying to make sure I had all of the legal and training forms I needed for myself and my clients.

I scoured the internet, compared dozens of documents from all kinds of different sources, spent lots of money on lawyers, and took way too much time to come up with the core forms that I needed for my fitness business.

I knew there had to be a better way, so I took all of that work and created The Fitness Pro’s Deluxe Forms Kit.

This is your simple, inexpensive resource for all of the customizable forms you need to get your fitness or personal training business up and running.

Beginning an exercise program carries risks, and your clients must be made aware of this and sign this form to verify that they are aware of the risks, assume them, and release you and your business from liability.

The industry standard. A critical step in identifying any big red flags that should be discussed before proceeding further with a client. You’ll use this form with every client.

A medical condition could be adversely affected by a fitness program, you MUST have them get a medical clearance before working with them. Getting a doctor to write a letter can be a hassle for the client so this form makes it easy for them AND for you.

Are you a newly Certified Personal Trainer? Maybe you’ve made the decision to leave the gym and begin your own Personal Training Business? Whatever your situation, if you’re working with clients on a regular basis, you need a comprehensive set of forms to run your business properly.

The industry standard. A critical step in identifying… Read more…