Fun Fast Weight Loss - Bee Smith - Bodybuilding Contest Diets - Female Bodybuilders Diet - Figure Competitors Diets - Figure Precontest DietClick Image To Visit SiteHave you ever struggled with losing those last pounds of body fat before an upcoming bodybuilding contest or photo shoot? Have you ever found yourself trying to lose weight but found the process to be boring, painful, and ultimately not worth the time or effort? Have you ever felt that losing weight and looking great is something you will never achieve?

The fact that you attempted to lose weight shows me that you are willing to make the effort. All you need now is just the right information in order to finally see the body you deserve.

And you will laugh at most of the television commercials when they try to sell you fat-loss products that you KNOW are worthless.

A typical bodybuilder usually adds muscle during the winter months. Then that person has to get super-lean in time for the bodybuilding or figure show during the spring and summer. Virtually every bodybuilder HAS to lose fat weight during their “contest seasons.”

So, it’s not a matter of if they will lose weight; it simply becomes a matter of how much weight they will lose and when!

This is because you will do things differently than what you read in the magazines and you will become even more motivated once you start to see the pounds of fat melt away in the mirror!

All you have to do is simply learn from those who have mastered fast fat loss down to a science! Yes, even if you are completely new to the sport.

I have trained and written nutrition plans for lots of actors, actresses, and VIP’s over the years. Here is just a partial list:

And they all had fun because they KNEW that they would look fantastic in just a matter of weeks if… Read more…

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