Herbs the Natural AlternativeClick Image To Visit SiteDo you go to the doctor and get prescribed drugs that only seem to work while you take them and then your ailment returns worse than before? That’s because prescription drugs are often used to mask the symptoms – NOT cure the disease!

STOP using unnecessary pills and drugs and learn about centuries old natural cures your doctor never tells you about.

"Herbs, The Natural Alternative" is a result of my years of experience coupled with thorough research.

Over 100 pages of factual, fresh content – compiled into an informative and valuable reference for all those who want the very best and safest remedies for themselves and their families.

Having received so many requests from clients wanting recipes to treat various ailments, I decided to write this book. I wanted to provide an accurate and factual history of herbs and their uses, as well as illustrations for ease of identification. A book that’s the ‘REAL DEAL’, not some rehashed PLR that has been floating round the internet for years.

Wouldn’t you rather have a natural, non-drug treatment for your family’s illnesses? Even though many over-the-counter medicines are in fact derived from natural sources, most of them have synthetic additions which is why we react so badly to them.

The safest and most effective cures and preventatives are derived from ingredients already in our garden and home. Find out what they are and how to make them. You’ll not only be curing an ailment, you’ll be safeguarding your family.

Are you sick and tired of spending huge amounts of money you can ill afford for pills and drugs that don’t work?

Filled with practical, no nonsense advice as well as full instructions for proven cures for specific ailments. Full of tips and loads of illustrations, this book will become a… Read more…

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