“Want To Build Your Own Gaming Computer For Under $1000?

Here’s How To Do It …”

Have you ever wished you could build your very own gaming computer at a cheap price? Gaming computers sold by manufacturers like Alienware, Gateway or Dell will cost a lot more money, anywhere from $2000 to $4000.

In this new 67-page eBook How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000, they show you how to build your own gaming computer for under $1000 – without compromising the quality of hardware and gaming performance.

I know how hard trying to build your own computer can be. As a newbie to the world of computer building you have to learn how to select the best components, pick up various new technical terms like PCI Express, SATA and RAID, and also grapple with installing and configuring the hardware.

Even for seasoned computer builders, getting a list of the best components and still staying within your budget can be a challenge.

This eBook How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000 aims to solve all these problems. It will show you how to select each and every component for new gaming computer. They will recommend the latest components to be used and where you can buy them.

It will show you, step-by-step and with full picture illustrations, how to install and configure every component in your new gaming rig.

It will give you the best practices in setting up your computer so you don’t have to make the mistakes I made when I first learnt to build my own PC (believe me, there are MANY areas where you can trip up).

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