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You don’t need a college degree or a cosmetology license to know how to cut hair. Despite what professionals say, it can be done from home. They learned, didn’t they? Remember that they go to college to learn … it can be learned, it’s a trainable skill.

You can learn the basic steps for the hair cutting techniques that each professional hairdresser uses. They might not want you to know these basics because if too many people learn them, they would be out of a job. Every day, over 300 people search for information on how to cut hair. Even though it’s not a shocking number, it goes to show that it’s a rising trend, an area of interest, perhaps caused by our rising cost of living. For some reason, prices to seem to only go up, never down. Somehow people on fixed incomes have to accomodate the price increases and are finding ways to cut corners. And cutting hair at home is one way to do just that.

Did you know that the average person spends 40 minutes driving to and from the salon? (That’s not including the time it takes to wait for your turn or the time you spend getting your hair cut.) I’m sure you’ve experienced your hairdresser multi tasking.

Many years ago I made the mistake once of going to get my hair cut close to Christmas. It was really difficult to make an appointment at that time of the year and the only place I could find in a pinch was a… Read more…