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Kindle, Wi-Fi, 4GB (Includes Special Offers), White

Customer Reviews

Love paper books but no regrets in getting this.

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 on 16 January 2016
By Nick
I’m young and have shelves and shelves of books, there will come a day where I won’t be able to take all these books with me when I move out which I dread. I was a die hard fan of the paper books, I loved the feel and smell of having an actual book so I was very reluctant to make the leap to a Kindle but I am so glad I did. I love knowing where I was in a book and obviously you can’t see by the thickness of each side but there is a great optional percentage of completion feature in the corner, its good to use as a target too, for example I look to read 10% each day.

This size is perfect for him as it’s slim and small enough for …

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 on 1 June 2017
By Rajane Kaur
Got this for my partner as a christmas gift as he’s always stealing my books and my kindle. I have the kindle fire which he complained is a bit too big for his liking. This size is perfect for him as it’s slim and small enough for him to slide into his pocket. Super user friendly but you can easily google how to do certain things should you not figure it out yourself. I put a tonne of books on here for him and there’s still plenty of storage space. The battery lasts a decent time and the light isn’t too glaring that it keeps me awake when he’s reading in bed. Would definitely recommend for anyone who is anti kindle/tablet – he’s now converted!

best e reader

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 on 4 July 2016
By An online shopper
I purchased these for my parents in law as they are avid readers and had previously been using Kobo e-readers to read their ebooks, however, after just a few months they kept freezing on a screen, not turning on or off properly and sometimes throwing them out of the book, so every few weeks they had to keep re-setting their devices which meant hitting a reset button on the back which meant carrying a tool to reach said button; all very frustrating as you can imagine. So, I decided to buy them these as a gift so they didn’t have to put up with the hassle anymore. Everyone in my family now uses the kindle devices for reading as the Kobo readers just aren’t as good.

but is I find a big and better, advance over the button system of the old …

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 on 3 June 2016
By Jack York
This my second Kindle was bought as a back-up and more than meets all my expectations. My first experience of touch screen was a bit strange at first, but is I find a big and better, advance over the button system of the old model. To say that it more than meets my expectations would be an understatement. It really does everything that I require of an E book reader giving superb clarity of print, and just fine page turning, and when I think of the additional word clarification system– for me just perfect. Must also add that the new keyboard is a great plus in its ease of use. Congratulations Amazon, another winner, and absolutely—–A1.

and to be honest I’m glad. They are hardly any nuisance and you soon …

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 on 9 July 2016
By poison dwarf
I purchased this as a replacement for my original Kindle, which had finally given up the ghost. I didn’t pay the extra to get the ad free version, and to be honest I’m glad. They are hardly any nuisance and you soon get used to ignoring them.

Little darling!!

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 on 28 June 2016
By The Librarian
So far, I am delighted with this lttle dear! I was quite happy with my old Kindle (old old – the original one with the keyboard), but it died, and I felt my tablet didn’t fill the gap. This Kindle is smaller and lighter than the old one, (screen is the same size), seemingly easy to operate, and now I’ve bought a nifty little case for it, and I am very happy. I can’t say I like the touch screen, because I don’t like ANY touch screen, but there’s no choice these days. I have got used to using the Kindle App on my phone and iPad, so I’m accustomed to the way it works.

Images aren’t great as B&W and worth paying extra for no ads!

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 on 4 June 2017
By Jennifer
Definitely worth paying extra for no ads, my bf brought a amazon fire without paying the £10 extra and regretted it. I found the kindle really good, the only downside is that it is in black and white so when I noticed that graphic novels are available I couldn’t read any of them! Also, in the books that have pictures it’s kind of a hit or miss that you can see it clearly. If I ever need a new kindle I’ll go for one of the coloured ones.
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