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  • Best price Kindle Paperwhite 6 inch High Resolution Display 212 ppi
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Customer Reviews

perfect for readers

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 on 15 August 2014
By Jeannie Zelos
i’m now on kindle number four. started with KK a few years bac, then bought a papaerwhite. last xmas saw me gaining a Fire – thats great for email and web, speedy and fun but not so good I think for reading. Finally my papaerwhite has been getting a bit slow…had it 20 months and i read 8-12 hours most days so IMO it’s done well, and it was still working fine, just me getting a bit cranky when pages slow to turn or it froze and that was happening more often so bought latest gen papaerwhite and love it. my collections all migrated automatically so they were the same as the old papaerwhite – i’d thought i’d have to do them a book at a time as before so was pleased at that update! saved me hours of work when i’d rather be reading 🙂


 on 5 December 2017
By Mr. P. A. Stewart
Fantastic. I’ve always been an avid reader and this has reignited my passion for it. I’ve had my Kindle for around two years and I love it. Smart, stylish and practical and loads of useful features & of course carries so many books! I have mine in one of the specially designed leather cases and it really finishes it off nicely.

It’s made me a reader

 on 20 February 2015
By Neil
I have never been much of a reader before, always lost interest a third of the way through the book. I think what usually causes that is the pain i felt in my neck/shoulders from holding a physical book. Since I bought the Kindle Paperwhite I have not had any pains. I use it virtually every day on my commute to work (its replaced watching videos on my iPad). Fits nicely into my bag but also my pocket while I am quickly swapping trains.

No Surprise!

 on 12 March 2015
By Badger
By now almost everyone is very aware of the strengths of a Kindle so I will simply say it is ‘great’. The technology that allows this to be read in bright sunlight is amazing. It is easy on the eyes when reading, battery life is excellent and storage of so many books make it a ‘must’ if travelling. The back light is very useful too although at night time I sometimes revert back to my tablet so I can have a black background with white print (not so bright and won’t wake my wife). Overall I’m very pleased!


 on 5 November 2014
By Shaz
Had this for a couple of months now. For the price paid it would be much better if a colour version was available as the black and white display takes time getting used to. Bear in mind you need to be connected to a WiFi network in order to download and purchase books for this device; but this is not really a problem as you can normally do this when at home and then read the books while on the go. On the plus side it is great to carry loads of books on the one device and you are able to adjust the font to a size that suits you. You can also sync. this to work with an iPhone and/or android phone/pc or other kindle compatible devices so your books are available on them too. On the whole it works well and I am quite pleased with it. Batteries last for approx. one week maybe more depending on how much I use it.

Long battery life – Great reading experience

 on 24 July 2015
By Amazonmark
This is just great. the battery life is impressive. I bought this as other tablets that I own, can display kindle books but the battery life is no way as good. additionally, as I am an Amazon Prime member I can get a free book a month to read (from a selection) which you cannot with the kindle application for PC / tablets etc. Great kit – If you like reading – I recommend you get this!

which I find excellent, but wanted a Kindle to read in bright …

 on 9 August 2014
By Essex Suzanne
I already had a Kindle Fire, which I find excellent, but wanted a Kindle to read in bright sunlight so bought a Paperwhite. When it arrived I found it was flickering [black] every couple of pages so got in touch with Amazon who sent me another one out straight away. I am quite pleased with this one as is doesn’t flicker quite as much. However, after reading about Paperwhites on the Kindle forum I realise they all flicker a bit and you just have to get used to it.

Fantastic gadget. It seems difficult to hark back to …

 on 9 June 2016
By Carolus
Fantastic gadget. It seems difficult to hark back to a time when we relied on paper books with all the complications / culture /history embodied in them. Mine has a defect on the screen which is annoying abd if I get another it will be with back lighting.

great …………..but what about the charger?

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 on 20 October 2014
really good and so easy to use. I do however feel that a mains charger should be included, the one I purchased was very much over priced……………….I think this one thing lets the product package down ……..this is not like Amazon ? would suggest that someone needs to consider this issue…….

Easy to use

 on 15 May 2015
By Mrs L
Easy to use, better than the KOBO that it replace, which suffered a lot with freezing screen and not answering to your finger presure. For some reason which other reviewers have quoted dark spots on the screen especially at the bottom of the screen, albeit this does not detract you from reading. Bought a niffty cover for it which puts it into sleep mode once cover is closed.
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