Lean Ape Living - How to Lose Weight, Get Lean, Build Muscle and Look Good NakedClick Image To Visit SiteIt’s not difficult if you know what to eat, when to eat it, and are willing to do a few special exercises a few times a week.

Welcome to the source of the Lean Ape Living handbook. A digital download guide written by us (David and Alexis) from the Lean Ape blog. This is not your usual pushy sales page, nor does it make outrageous claims. We have personally put into practice all the advice we give, with some amazing results.

It began all so simply. A little bit of extra food here, and little extra snack there, and suddenly we turned around and we were fat!

Not obese, but larger than we had ever been in our lives. Stomachs protruded, we looked bad, and most importantly of all, we didn’t feel comfortable in our own skin.

Alexis began to get the shakes, and feel crazy lows after eating high carb foods, and it led to more and more quick fix snacking, and yep you guessed it, more weight gained. Luckily we stopped all of this completely. We found simple yet entirely effective ways to change what we ate but still enjoy food.

We don’t believe in shakes, supplements, or any kind of substitute for real food. We eat well, eat what we love, and lose weight at the same time. We learned how to get good looking bodies without expensive equipment, learned why cardio is not the best way to lose weight or get healthy and look good, and uncovered ways to time our eating for guaranteed fat loss and muscle gain.

We are just average people, with normal bodies and have an average response to exercise. We are not youngsters either, Dave is 39 and Alexis is 40! We are not nutritionists, personal trainers, or… Read more…

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