Michael Anthony Alberta - Digital ProductsClick Image To Visit SiteBelow You Will Find Several Variations Of Different Packages I Currently Offer. As far as my books, to purchase the Paperback version it costs $34.99 and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. Ships in 3-5 business days

So you get both books, The Books alone retail on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kindle for $20.00 and that is not including the software Software which I sell for $30.00.  That’s a $35.00 discount. 

Is the same as The Tattoo Enthusiast Digital Package Kit (Both Books) except instead of the Software Application you get the following.

Included with this purchase is access to Streamed 24-7 video through this website via private YouTube clips. A must for any Tattoo Apprentice. You will not find these videos available anywhere else.

So you get both books, video access and a variety of valuable documents. You’ll find tremendous value in this package.

Through cutting-edge research, I have been able to reproduce these conscious states by embedding frequencies within sound. The Digital Drug Ring is plugs your ears into a proprietary audio technology that causes your brain waves to synchronize with the resonances of recreational and pharmaceutical doses.

Our universe is made up of sound waves that all resonate together creating our depiction of reality through our minds and bodies. They are essential parts to the extremely dynamic human machine, and can be programed using many different applications. The fastest way to alter one’s mind/body link is currently with chemical substances. It is much faster than, say, meditating for hours or going to the gym for an intense workout.

Although we are not aware of it most of the time, Your mind/body contains an autonomous entrainment device that sync’s you up with audible rhythms… Read more…

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