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Numagician - Awake The Memory Wizard WithinClick Image To Visit SiteLong time ago.. . My mom asked me to close my eyes and imagine something, I only saw a huge universe with no single star. My teacher asked to learn some poems by heart, I forgot all of them when the examination began. My dad asked me to write something, I spent hours playing with the pen and wrote just a single line.

What is a Numagician anyway? Just write down any number, eg. 20. Add some strokes to make a cute picture, eg. Super Man. That picture made from the number 20 is called a Numagician!

"After reading the book, I practiced drawing Numagicians and made my friends’ eyes wide-open. There is only one word that described your book: It’s AWESOME!" ~ Le Dang Khanh, a primary school student in Ha Noi City.

You might think, this drawing style will suprise any kid, but should I try it? How can it help me improve my life? Well, do you remember when you were a kid? How creative were you? What if that genius kid comes back with great ideas to help you solve your problem?

Can you memorize like the reader above? YES. YOU CAN. If we compare information with clothes, then you just need a technique to hang them onto hangers in your brain. Hey, what hangers? Do you remember some Numagicians from the begining? 10, 19, 82… If yes, you have just got some hangers. Leave your email, and I’ll send you the 40 first pages of my book that explains why and how to ACTIVE YOUR SUPER MEMORY with these hangers. It will take a few minutes for the email to reach, so let’s the story continue…

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