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My guess is that you’ve arrived at this website because you are either suffering from self-sabotage or you may be on your way to doing so.

If You Answered Yes To Any One These Questions, You May Be Suffering From Self Sabotage In One Form Or Another…

The good news is that if you can answer yes to these questions without reserve, then you have already taken the first step toward resolving the issue which is admitting that this problem resides within you.

The problem however, is that many people find it hard to answer these questions and therefore are incapable of taking that first step because they don’t believe there is a problem to correct in the first place.

The result is that they can go through their entire lives constantly sabotaging themselves and never enjoying the good things that life has offer and believe that everything is ok.

This is part of what makes self sabotage such a serious matter and why no person suffering from it should ignore it or underestimate how powerfully negative it can be.

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