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Tom Cruise and John Travolta say the Church of Scientology is a force for good. Others disagree. Award-winning journalist John Sweeney investigated the Church for more than half a decade. During that time he was intimidated, spied on and followed and the results were spectacular: Sweeney lost his temper with the Church's spokesman on camera and his infamous 'exploding tomato' clip was seen by millions around the world. In THE CHURCH OF FEAR Sweeney tells the full story of his experiences for the first time and paints a devastating picture of this strange organisation, from former Scientologists who tell heartbreaking stories of families torn apart and lives ruined to its current followers who say it is the solution to many of mankind's problems. This is the real story of the Church by the reporter who was brave enough to take it on.

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Customer Reviews

Disturbing and fascinating

 on 7 September 2016
By Peter Lee
When John Sweeney’s Panorama documentary about Scientology aired a few years ago I watched it and found it fascinating whilst being profoundly disturbing at the same time. I was keen to find out more, and when this book was recently discounted on Kindle I bought a copy.

A great humanistic story

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 on 17 June 2014
By Tony S
This book is less about scientology than it is about authoritarianism in general. It is about the maintenance of money and power through espionage, intimidation, lies, legal writs, and, ultimately, fear. In a remarkable series of first hand accounts, the book sets out how John Sweeney researched the church for a BBC documentary. It is really only half about what he discovered about the church. The parallel story is about how the church tracked him around the US and the UK and then drove him almost to madness. He is at turns funny, clever, brave, reckless, fearful, tearful, and dogged. He writes in a passionate and engaging way, very journalistic. This sometimes detracts from the central message of the book, which is that scientology is run based on fear. But the flip side is that his very humanity, his flaws and idiosyncrasies, make him believable as a critic.

An informative yet disturbing read.

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 on 25 April 2014
By Momento.
For anybody who saw John Sweeney’s Panorama meltdown whilst filming their Scientology investigation, this should be required reading. The build up to that incident, plus the post incident fallout, is all covered here along with a wealth of background information about this cult/religion (make your own decision once you’ve read the book). The primary feeling I have after finishing the book is admiration, not just for Sweeney but also for the Scientology ‘defectors’ he interviewed. The levels of intimidation and harassment they appear to have been subjected to by the ‘church’ really is disturbing.

Scientology v BBC

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 on 8 May 2017
By A. King
John Sweeney famously lost it in filming a Panorama film about Scientology. This is his account of the making of the programme and the steps taken by Scientology to frustrate and block the film. It’s a useful beginning for anybody wanting to know about the cult but there are better books out there.

This read like a fine thriller where you wait with bated breath …

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 on 1 June 2017
By Razor Eddie
This read like a fine thriller where you wait with bated breath for the clash between hero and villain. Although I knew a fair amount about the events, I thoroughly enjoyed John Sweeney’s writing style. Each chapter having it’s own little story. I understand Sweeney’s oft repeated phrase vis-à-vis apologising but, if it’s any consolation, it paved the way for later journalists to become more aware of what they face. As an expose of scientology in a wider context it does little but it sure makes me hope that J.S rolls up his sleeves and takes them on a third time.

Another great insight into the creepy cult (not religion) that is Scientology

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 on 4 July 2017
By Kindle Customer
I have viewed both Panorama documentaries and often wondered what the back story was to it all. John Sweeney doesn’t disappoint informing the reader of all details in leading up to the exploding tomato incident and the aftermath. Journalists like Sweeney deserve a medal of honour for putting up with the fair gaming Scientology practice not the likes of Tom Cruise who willingly endorse this behaviour Well done John Sweeney

No way for a business to behave.

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 on 28 June 2015
By K D Connelly
Well done, John Sweeney. Thank you for putting the spotlight on this devious business posing as a religion (for tax purposes). If you want to start a new religion you just look around the world and determine if there are enough weak and vulnerable people to fuel your new business. It appears that, in this case, there are. People, you have been warned. For your own safety and the safety of your family, stay well away.

A very interesting read.

 on 29 August 2014
By c.v
This is a really interesting read. Some of the 1 star reviews are clearly from scientologists as nobody else could possibly think that scientology is anything other than a dangerous cult. John Sweeney has shown himself over the years to be a very brave and caring man, not vindictive. It is good that he has written this book to try to prevent other people being pulled into a terrible cult. In this book he is honest about mistakes he made as a result of vary stressful time during the filming. When you read the book you can understand the fear that made him react in the way he famously did. I enjoyed the book and am grateful that there was somebody who was brave enough to write it.

Insightful but a bit repetitious

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 on 15 April 2014
By Peter Mercer
A really interesting review of what does truly seem to be a weird and self-obsessed and somewhat scary organisation. Perhaps though it could have been shortened with profit as there seemed to be a lot of repetition if not of the same people then of similar events. But a courageous book and well worth reading.
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