Think Fit Not Thin Think Fit Not Thin - Strong is the New SkinnyClick Image To Visit SiteIf you are looking at the picture of the woman above and thinking you couldn´t have a body like then you would be wrong.

Now granted you might not look exactly like her but you can definitely get stronger, leaner and fitter than you are now and probably a lot more than you think is actually possible.

But the sad truth is most women will never experience how great it feels to watch their body change and experience the confidence that being strong and athletic can bring.

Because let´s be honest if you are like most women I meet and speak to you are not looking to get super skinny or ripped with lots of muscle.

You just want a firmer, healthier looking body that you feel comfortable with and have people notice and say "wow you look great, how did you do it?"

Yes sure it takes work and commitment and a level of sacrifice but lots of women are just not seeing the results they want

The problem is that the confusion and hype surrounding the fitness industry is making this more complicated than it really is and leading people to make common mistakes that kill that all important self belief.

Because I know right at this moment you are thinking who the hell is this guy and why should I listen to him.

My Name is Sam Carter and I’ve been a Personal Trainer and fitness blogger the past few years as well as a devoted gym member for over 20 years.

I have tried it all when it comes to getting results and no matter I did it always came back to same things. 

I want women to understand  the results they want are obtainable and can be achieved no matter what your… Read more…

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