- Learn How To Dance In No TimeClick Image To Visit SiteWhat a great kick-in-the-pants program to get you started on learning very cool moves – perfect for beginners!

This program focuses on the full learning cycle, from learning how to listen to music to dancing on lyrics. It will change your mindset in order to make faster progress than ever before!

How to listen to music and apply it to your body control. I show you, with simple methods and techniques, how to improve it and transform it rhythm into cool dance moves.

Learn several basic movements to look cool and to be able to dance on all kind of music on auto pilot mode.

Moonwalking , Body waving and further special moves will be revealed and explained to give you all you need to master the dance floor and impress the audience.

Not sure if this online course is something for you? No problem, read my clients comments and decide for yourself.

Excellent – Before taking this course I was struggling with regular dance classes. They were to fast and the teacher was not able to care about the slow recognising students. I paid a huge amount of money but had no return on my investment. This course is well structured and reveals the little secrets to learn quick and sustainable.

Stunning! During my time working with Chris, he walked me through the secrets of dancing and how to learn cool moves in no time. Within 8 weeks I was entering the dance floor very confident and totally rocking it. I’m grateful for helping me overcoming my fear to dance in front of others!

Thank you! I always wanted to keep up with my friends in clubs in terms of dancing but I don’t have time for taking classes in the city. This online course made it possible… Read more…

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