Web Lawyer Internet Law Self Help SeriesClick Image To Visit SiteUse the same proven legal techniques of top Internet attorneys and big law firms. Don’t pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for an Internet attorney and a private investigator. Be your own “Web Lawyer” and get the results you want. Written by a former federal prosecutor and Internet law expert, the Web-Lawyer, Internet Law Self Help series allows YOU to use proven legal tactics to get the results you need.

File a Motion to Quash Now! This Web-Lawyer Internet Law Self Help guide provides step-by-step guidance on filing a Motion to Quash a subpoena. By explaining the nuts and bolts of drafting your own Motion to Quash, this guide allows you to protect your identify and protect your constitutional right to use the Internet anonymously. The Self-Help Guide provides over a 100 pages of examples of motions to quash, subpoenas, responses to subpoenas, and objections to subpoenas to help guide you in putting together your motion to quash. This e-book reveals the time-tested techniques used by experienced Internet lawyers and top law firms to get quick results for their clients. MORE Read more…

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