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*Relieve your stress, anxiety, resentment, fears, depression, heartache and grief? *Unravel limiting beliefs – including ones you aren’t aware of but still hold you back?

All of these emotionally painful conditions can be addressed in the same way because: They are all inevitable results of being emotionally hungry! Just as you would feel shaky, headachy, angry, cloudy-headed or irritable if you were physically hungry… When you are emotionally hungry you experience emotional symptoms such as stress, anxiety, fear, shame, depression, insecurity, and other unpleasant feelings. In contrast, when you are emotionally full, you feel refreshed, like you’ve just had a walk in a warm spring rain, a restorative sleep, a great laugh or the kiss of the sun on your cheek. You feel secure, relaxed, stable, confident. Maybe you’ve never thought about it this way before, but it’s true:

When you’re feeling bad, it could just be that you’re starving for the emotional nutrition you need.

Just as we all need nutritious, healthy food every day, so we need good emotional nutrition every day.

And, just as there are times when physical nutrition is especially important—during pregnancy or illness, for instance—so there are times when we especially need emotional nourishment.

Any of the above conditions can throw you into emotional starvation. . . unless you know how to feed yourself the emotional nutrients™ that restore your sense of calm and well-being.

Despite the fact that emotional nutrition is just as important as physical nutrition, few of us are ever taught how to feed ourselves emotionally.

When you’re in any of the situations or states mentioned above, what do you typically do about it?

Maybe you stuff your feelings. You don’t feel anything. You… Read more…

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