#1 Speed Training Program For Athletes of All Ages — Run Faster and Kick Farther

#1 Speed Training Program For Athletes of All Ages — Run Faster and Kick FartherClick Image To Visit SiteInstant Access to the Online & Downloadable Kick Farther & Run Faster Speed Training Program and Exercise Videos

These 3-minute training exercises release untapped muscular energy that will dramatically improve speed, quickness and kicking power.

Adding these workouts to your soccer drills will condition your muscles for speed in ways your other workouts are not capable of doing.

These exercises are safe and work for nearly any age group. They are used by College and High School soccer players as well as beginner youth as young as 8 years of age – and anyone in between.

Soccer players of all levels of fitness often see dramatic results in their running speed and kicking power very quickly, even in mid-season… and even if they have been doing other types of training for some time.

Thousands of soccer players across the world are using these speed and kicking exercises with overwhelming success. Many are setting new personal records in speed and kicking distance.

The variable resistance properties of the band will isolate and condition your running muscles so they react with speed and quickness without adding bulk.

Apply isometrics with the resistance band to all of your running and kicking muscles and joint movements the way we will teach you, and you will become dramatically faster with stronger kicks.

I play soccer and I’m a central midfielder, but I’ve always been a bit slower than everyone else on my team. I’m very talented on the ball, but my speed was holding me back.

I am absolutely blown away by how good this has been. And now, my team can rely on me even more than usual. I can’t wait to continue the program to see how fast I can get! Thanks so much.

I play soccer regularly and I… Read more…

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