20-DEFAULT LANDING INFO PAGE V3 WITH GIRL BUTTON - MarathonmanClick Image To Visit SiteMost classic coaches will tell you need 18+mile long runs to build confidence. On a regular -weekly- basis. To ‘harden’ yourself and to find what it is to ‘hit the wall’. I don’t agree. It is the opposite actually. I’ll explain to you why and how. And share the proof.

I developed The 9-Mile Marathon training system to allow you to successfully run a marathon (or half-marathon) without the weekly wear-and-tear long and slow training runs. The system is proven by thousands of Dutch runners (the root of the system lies in The Netherlands), my own running- and triathlon successes and all running students I have trained in the recent years. You will hear their stories as well.

Most ‘classic’ running coaches are skeptical. It is very difficult for them to acknowledge.

With the complete 9-Mile Marathon training system you’re all set and ready to start training ‘The 9-Miler Way’. You can start with the program anytime, in the middle of another training program (when it doesn’t deliver what you hoped for-), as a part of a run-walk training program (I’ll explain to you ‘how’ you can do this later), or even during off-season ‘calm’.

My system contains very accurate marathon finish time prediction tables based on max 9-mile training runs.

I have NOT developed The 9-Mile Marathon with elite sub 3-hour marathon runners in mind, but for all of you who want to run a solid marathon and half-marathon in a healthy & responsible way. For the marathon I think this is between approx. 3 and 5 1/2 hours. For run-walkers you can safely add half an hour. You will also receive more background information on why I designed this… Read more…