2013 LEEP Calendar of Promotions, Events and Holidays for the US, Canada, UK and Australia

2013 LEEP Calendar of Promotions, Events and Holidays for the US, Canada, UK and AustraliaClick Image To Visit SiteThe promotional calendar with 3,200+ events for the United States, Canadian, British and Australian markets.

Available in paperback, e-book, pre-printed Wall Calendar (download and print) and dynamic applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Saving time (and thus money), that is the #1 USP of the LEEP Calendar. With The LEEP Event, Editorial and Promotional Calendar for 2013 you see an entire year in advance.

1) See all the events for your industry in seconds by browsing the 57 industry categories.

5) Visually see the whole year with the full month pictorial calendars. Find what you’re looking for fast.

Plan features and promotions at the best time for your publication or blog or a marketing and advertising schedule.

LEEP stands for Lewis Event, Editorial and Promotional Calendar. The LEEP is a calendar in book or application form categorizing and sourcing thousands of promotional dates, holidays and events throughout the year in one easy to use, quickly referenced location. The LEEP is created by Laura Dawn Lewis, a former advertising sales and marketing executive and later journalist and editor. She designed the LEEP specifically to meet the needs of Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Promotions and Media professionals on both sides of the editorial divide. The LEEP is indespensible for Marketers and a treasure trove of topics and features for bloggers and journalists.

Now you can do a full year’s editorial calendar or advertising campaign in less than an hour for one product or feature subject and a few hours for several. You can find your events quickly in The LEEP. Technology market? Look under the technology category for the 45 tech focused holidays, events and promotions for 2013. What about the Healthcare industry? There are over 500 healthcare industry events in 2013. Food? Go crazy in this category… Read more…

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