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6 Week Fit - Doable Home Fitness - DIY ActiveClick Image To Visit Site6 Week Fit is the solution we’ve all been looking for… A step-by-step plan for creating healthy weight loss habits. 100% risk free! Inside you’ll find…

Tired of not knowing when or what to do? You’ll get six complete weeks of doable home exercises broken down step-by-step by our elite trainer. All you need is 5+ lb. dumbbells.

Frustrated with not getting any visible results? You’ll get a progressive program that builds off itself to help you build muscle and lose weight to help you keep your results.

Exhausted with the confusion around dieting? You’ll get the exact steps, tools and lists to create a healthier diet with 15 bonus snacks to help you eat healthy anywhere.

Struggling to find the confidence and energy you once had? You’ll get the confidence to achieve and maintain your heath through exercise and diet, where and when you want! It’s simple, doable, and can help anyone!

DIY Active and their elite trainers have helped countless people, just like you, achieve the results they have always wanted.

The comprehensive 6 Week Fit program will take the guesswork out of fitness with a step-by-step process that is perfect for stay at home parents or anyone who is done with the gym!

“Being a Physical Education/Health teacher myself, I always preach health, exercise, nutrition, and so on. However, it’s a lot easier to teach, then to find the time to do what I teach about everyday. I will do the normal, start an exercise regiment/eating healthy kick, but that last maybe a couple of weeks, if that.

The biggest hitches are finding time to do this and having a plan/exercise/nutrition guide to follow. I never know where to… Read more…

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