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Aff Flight System - The Flight SystemClick Image To Visit SiteOver the past 6 years, I’ve made it a personal mission to dig deep into the science of the vertical jump.

Everyone has the innate power to develop an impressive vertical jump that would EXCITE even the toughest scout.

Are burdened with a muscular block within our muscles which prevents us from expressing our highest vertical power potential

Your body has a protective mechanism within the muscles called the Golgi Tendon Organs (or GTO for short).

The protective mechanism is your body’s way of keeping your muscle’s from getting strained or injured.

In recent years, Exercise Scientists have discovered a special technique to not only shut off your GTO but also excite the muscle even greater…

It can be used by anyone regardless their height, weight, or gender to seamlessly add inches to your vertical.

What makes "Vert Release" so special is not only does it train to decrease the inhibitory effect of the GTO but it nails the additional 4 steps responsible for an explosive vertical jump… all at the same time.

Remember those GTO’s I was talking about? The same that shut the muscle down when it senses too much force?

Well, there is an opposing mechanism that senses when the muscle is being lengthened and it goes to work contracting the muscle…

If you want to gain a higher vertical jump you MUST focus on decreasing the effect of the GTO’s while maximizing the excitement effect of the Muscle Spindles.

The sequence of lengthening, building-up, and releasing in itself is responsible for an impressive vertical jump.

We must start by shutting down the GTO (as outlined in Step #1), increase the SSC and pair that with Step #3…

A motor unit is a motor neuron and the muscle fibers it innervates.  Groups of motor units work… Read more…

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