Are You Sure That’s Vegan – Cookbook With Pictures – Vegan Breakfast and Dessert Cookbooks

Are You Sure That's Vegan - Cookbook With Pictures - Vegan Breakfast and Dessert CookbooksClick Image To Visit SiteI want to give you 5 free recipes from my dessert cookbook right now. Simply enter your name and email address below.

Choose your favorite pancake recipe from regular, buttermilk, whole wheat blueberry and sweet potato.

One of our most popular recipes among facebook users. These super sweet Nanaimo bars taste every bit as good as the original.

Choose from 4 tasty cheesecakes. My friends and family request this more than all my other recipes combined. Choose from caramel, regular, chocolate and key lime.

Choose from chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, Boston cream, marble, raspberry cream cheese, mint chocolate chip, and strawberry daiquiri cupcakes.

Everyone’s favorite quiche recipes including: mushroom and leek, bacon and spinach, broccoli bacon and cheddar, spinach and mushroom, asparagus, and crustless.

The coolest cookies including: shortbread, pecan balls, macadamia white chocolate chip, maple walnut, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, nutty oatmeal chocolate chip, oatmeal shortbread, and peanutty chocolate chippers.

A smoothie for every day of the week including: blueberry, pineapple banana, orange strawberry banana, mango peach, four berry, chocolate banana and vanilla strawberry.

Some of the best egg breakfasts veganized including: scrambled eggs, wireless rancheros, breakfast burritos, eggs Benedict, and of course our vegan version of the Egg Mc muffin.

The vegan peanut butter cup. Full flavor and taste. Nobody will ever guess these are vegan. Caution, these are addictive.

Your PDF download is portable and can be used on any Mac, PC, or linux computer. As well as any mobile device including the iphone.

Using Apple’s free iBooks reader app you can archive your cookbooks in iBooks for future reference. Bring your iPad into the kitchen.

Claire Gosse is a Canadian vegan cookbook author and video blogger. She lives in Orangeville Ontario with her husband Brad, four dogs and three cats. A true animal lover… Read more…

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