Auto Repair Advice - Car Repair BookClick Image To Visit SiteThe cost of owning and maintaining an automobile has skyrocketed in the last few years, and repair costs are expected to triple in the near future.

Labor costs, the new diagnostic equipment needed and increasing health care and insurance costs will all be passed on to you…the customer. But I can tell you how not to pay those high prices….are you interested?

I hear this all the time "why does it cost so much to repair something that looks so simple to repair?"

You see, most things in life are negotiable and the price of auto repair is definitely negotiable IF you know how and what to negotiate!

I may not be able to help you put your kids through college…..universities charge MORE than mechanics..if that can be possible, but I WILL be able to show you how to easily slash your car repair expenses…starting today!

"This E-Book is a wealth of information based on his personal experience as a Service Writer in his family-owned shop. In his book he details many ways people can prevent rip-offs and what they can do to lower their repair bills. He tells about tricks of the trade and insider secrets that dishonest mechanics are using to cheat the public."

Vincent Ciulla, Automotive Columnist

How to get even BETTER service and more perks than you are now! This really works great, and it is so easy you will kick yourself!

Know how to get quick and friendly towing service from your current mechanic…even after hours when you are more likely to get into a wreck or have a breakdown. Nothing worse than being stranded on the highway.

Do this…and guard yourself against paying for name brand parts prices while getting… Read more…

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