Babies can (and did) ReadClick Image To Visit SiteThe author proposes a new paradigm for education: reading practice prior to speech acquisition. Yes, your baby can learn how to read before he/she can speak!!! He/she will show you they can read later on, as speech develops.

The author has found that the babies are, at first, capable of reading and listening simultaneously. Secondly, they can read, listen, and write, to finally being able to read, listen, write, and speak – in this order.

When the baby starts speaking, s/he has already accomplished (being in the motor-sensory stage) many activities expected only from other developmental stages.

With the mediator’s help (in this case, the mother) much earlier than it is expected, the baby executes and constructs steps well before what has only experienced by older children up to now, contradicting the current cognitive developmental theories while shining light on the importance of the parents intermediation on education.

The author reveals the process for stimulating early learning, but also for maintaining the process throughout the child’s life!

She reveals how her children managed these learning experiences at an accelerated pace, adapted to their learning needs as they grew and developed. The children all ultimately entered college at 13 years of age or less and today are happy, productive members of society.

The author gives tips and advice on how to accelerate learning in parallel with the school (it takes the parents’ commitment) and how to make sure your children can receive the attention and adaptation of the school curriculum to their intellectual and emotional needs. Read more…

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