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Bali Travel WarningsClick Image To Visit SiteLowest Airfare + Comfortable Hotel + Most Practical Travel Guide + Free Bali Recipes —Make Your Own Bali Food!

Many travel agencies only surrounding attractions in Bali have made serious mistake. They introduced Bali by following traditional way; however group tour is not suitable to tour Bali!

Other then tour (even attractions are not first priority activity), hotels, culture, food, water activities, SPA, bars, drifting, watching dolphin, surfing, diving, volcano climbing, boating, etc, most of those activities are group tour unable to provide. Lets’ talk about food in Bali as example, food is only part of it; eating environment, services, even dinnerware are parts of your meal experience. To have a real good time, you have to flexibly combine all these entertainment items together. Its okay to say, only private tour allows you to enjoy Bali thorough.

● Bali Travel Warnings ebook is to solve these problems.It shows you how to find the lowest airfare, the most comfortable hotels, how to design your own trip,and free Bail recipes, you may enjoy delicious Bali food at home.

Bali also named "Island of flower", "Island of Romantic, Island of Paradise"; its a place you must visit in your lifetime.

"After the trip I realized it was such wasted that I spent too much money on my airfare… "

"I regretted being driven by a chauffeur to each attraction everyday hence I didn’t spend much time staying in hotel and enjoying it…"

"I met some people request money for register to enter Mother Temple of Besakih. I thought it was the entrance ticket but soon I found I was wrong…"

So If you don’t prepare for the trip fully,you may end up with a lot of regrets which can be avioded!

Besides, airfare usually cost more than half in a trip to Bali. But the… Read more…

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