Betta Fish Care Exposed - Breakthrough Ebook All About Beta FishClick Image To Visit SiteIf you love Betta Fish and want to have the happiest, healthiest, most colorful Betta on the block, this is definitely for you.

This fact filled guide covers everything you want to know about Betta Fish. It’s called Betta Fish Care Exposed.

It’s not like any of those generic fish books you find at pet stores…or at the library… or even on the Internet.

Betta Fish Care Exposed is a groundbreaking guide about the care, breeding and maintenance needed in keeping happy healthy Betta Fish THE EASY WAY. It’s the result of years of research.

And even after finishing all the research needed to write Betta Fish Care Exposed, I went one step further.

I surveyed over 4,000 visitors to this site from around the world, trying to find out the biggest, most common problems or questions everyone had about these creatures.

I also asked if they would share any personal secrets or tips with me, ideas that can help all of us in the Betta community.

All the Betta Fish tips, techniques and secrets are revealed in plain English, so you don’t have to be a "fish scientist" to understand them.

Betta Fish Care Exposed answers all the questions about setting up and maintaining a clean and healthy home for your Betta whether you are going to use an existing aquarium, a small bowl, or even a peace lily vase to create a living Betta decorative piece…

Betta Fish Care Exposed gets down to the essentials of feeding Bettas. What types of food? How much should they eat? When do you feed your Betta? All these questions are answered in a simple and clear way so even the beginning hobbyist will understand…

Betta Fish Care Exposed takes the guess work out of what to do for a… Read more…

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