Blues Guitar - How To Play Blues GuitarClick Image To Visit SiteIt’s A Fact! This Method Is Guaranteed to Teach You Exactly What You Need To Master Blues Guitar…

"Throw away all those books you bought in the past!!! This is the Real Deal!!! Finally found what I was looking for, Thanks!!" — David (USA)

"Griff, you finally got what all of the other books and systems have been missing! Congratulations and thank you!" — Mike (USA)

"Not only will this book teach you every HOT blues lick you have ever heard but it will give you the knowledge to move up and down just like the ‘pros.’ Combine that with the Jam Tracks this book is a must have! thanks!" — Gary (USA)

I’ve designed a brand new, innovative method to teach you the blues FAST! In fact, you’ll get better today!

Playing Through The Blues – A Guide for the Lead Guitar Player is the most comprehensive, easiest method to learn blues lead guitar. You don’t have to mess with driving back and forth to private lessons, you don’t have to alter your schedule around your teacher, and you don’t have to devote hours out of every day to a tedious practice schedule.

You will learn every amazing lick, scale, technique, and cool trick that you’ll ever need to know … and that’s just the beginning. You’ll learn what guys like Eric Clapton, BB King, Buddy Guy, SRV, Angus Young, Jimi Hendrix, Freddie King, Robert Cray, and so many more have amazed audiences around the world with.

This is a tried and tested system I’ve developed over the last several years with the help of my own private students. Many of them have worked through the exact pages you will find in this book. They’ve played the exact solos you will learn, and they have discovered the exact same tricks and secrets that… Read more…

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