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bookPumper: Kindle REVOLUTIONSClick Image To Visit SiteShe sold 34,000 Kindle ebooks in 10 months according to the Wall Street Journal. I show you exactly how she did it. But guess what? She only used a few marketing techniques. I give you many more ways to get the momentum so the Amazon Algorithm catches on to your ebooks and recommends them to a massive amount of people for years to come.

Right now, getting your Kindle ebook noticed is easy. This is the easiest marketing I’ve ever seen.

Ebooks are going mainstream as you read this. They are going to be everywhere on every portable device and millions of people are going to be buying them. On their smart phones, on their eBook Readers, on their PC’s. The time to get on board is right now while the portal is still open and the marketing is still easy.

Once you set up the momentum, you get sales month after month that continually grow forever. Amazon’s Algorithm is even more amazing than Google’s.

Once you make friends with this Algorithm, sales become automatic. Yes, I show you how to cozy up to this wonderful Algorithm and become fast friends. Oh my!  It’s a beautiful relationship.

Everything is changing RIGHT NOW. Amazon and Apple are begging for content and treating us like Kings. Why? Because of two things:

We have major corporations competing against each other to be first in this new market. They are desperate for content, and that means they are desperate for us.

Amazon wants you to win. Amazon wants you to sell a whole bunch of ebooks. Why? Because when you win, they win. And they get stronger and keep their lead against Apple. That’s why they just raised our Royalty Share to 70% of each sale!

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