Building A Koi Pond - Koi Pond Construction - Pond BuildingClick Image To Visit Site"…I really didn’t know where to start, and there were so many different pieces of information that I just got confused and gave up, until I bought this easy guide and the step by step instructions really made it easy!!…" – Kevin S from Minnesota

Transform a lifeless garden into a spiritual haven Thought it was hard to create the perfect ideal Koi pond for your perfect garden; to create the ideal tranquil retreat in your very own back yard? Think again! Learn the skills, right here, right now that will let you get building immediately – and help your Koi live happily and healthily for years to come!

Pitfalls to avoid More and more people are building a koi ponds in their back yards because these brightly coloured fish are a wonder to watch and feed. Their relaxing movement brings peace to any backyard. You do need to be aware of the special materials you need to build a koi pond, and the guide tells you how to size and line the pond.

Did you know that ideally your new koi pond should be at least 6 feet deep? This vital first piece of information may have just saved you time and effort in preplanning.

The main reason for have this depth is for the overall health of your koi fish. There is less temperature change in extreme hot and cold weather in deep water, plus koi dish will grow faster and bulkier. Shallow ponds will also invite predators poaching at your prized beautiful fish!

Easy to follow guide, tips and tricks from an Koi pond enthusiast Eddie Chi shares with you, his experience and expertise in this area, and gives you a whole wealth of tips and tricks along the way! Everything you need to know is included to help… Read more…

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