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Buy iPad101 - Online Video Tutorials For iPadClick Image To Visit SiteIf you are an iPad user and want to get the most from your iPad—and get it fast…let me show you why iPad101 Video Tutorials  is the way to go.

Better than books or manuals…better than live classes, and better than anything else you might have seen online.

But there’s still the unavoidable learning curve of learning something new. So  choosing to just “wing it” is not a good option.

If you don’t fully utilize your ipad, then you just paid a LOT of money for an overpriced gadget…instead of an incredibly high-powered technological tool.

It’s obvious that learning from video is faster, easier, and quicker than from a book or manual. Much faster.

Video tutorials allow you anytime 24/7 access. Being able to go at  your own pace…and rewind sections that need review.

These simple video tutorials were designed by Mike, an Apple workshop instructor for many years. In fact he originally created them based on the needs of new ipad owners.

You are watching over his shoulder each step of the way. Even better than his live presentations, because you don’t need to leave home.

Plus you’ll discover secret hidden tips that most ipad users never find out about. Or if they do it’s after years of trial and error.

You see, video is faster when first learning. But who wants to have to go back and re-watch it again and again, every time you need that info in the future?

iPad101 is the only video training course to include a PDF summary of each video tutorial. That way you’ll have a quick and easy reference for everything you learn.

Most videos on extending battery life are the same old rehashed ideas. This… Read more…

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