Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Self HelpClick Image To Visit SiteChapter 7 Bankruptcy Self help kit has been on line, prior to any other Bankruptcy software, our forms are drafted and maintained by an attorney. There are 7 reasons why you should select Bankruptcy Kit for Chapter 7 over other products.

Our Chapter 7 forms are accepted by ALL bankruptcy Courts, and presented in two formats, Omniform, For PC operating systems, and Adobe Acrobat, for Mac and PC Operating systems

The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Self Help Kit, is SAFE. With OMNIFORM your data and forms reside on your computer, no data is kept on our computer;

We do much more than provide Chapter 7 forms, we also provide direction and complete instructions; with our form "Package" all but two of the forms are in one package, most data is entered only once. There is directions for the completion of the remaining two forms, which are provided. If you need to redo one form, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Self Help kit provides each form individually.

Got a question about the Creditors Meeting? here’s a heads up before you buy anything.

If there is a change in the law, or a form, you are informed by email so you can update your downloaded forms.

If anything on Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Kit is unclear, CALL US; You are given access to the web site for one full year, with full support for that year.

Yes the Last Resort, but you have given this a great deal of thought or you wouldn’t be at our site. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is for those who have become buried in debt, harassed by creditors, and overwhelmed with the worries of making ends meet. Legal Line Chapter 7 Bankruptcy was built and is maintained by an Attorney, and is designed to provide easy and affordable access to the Bankruptcy… Read more…

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