Christmas Light Business Start-Up Package & Training VideoClick Image To Visit SiteAre you ready to uncover one of the best kept holiday money making secrets? Are you looking for a successful add-on business to your current seasonal business? Are you just looking to make some extra cash to make the holidays a little brighter for you and your family? What if I told you that you could (with a little work) make between $20,000 and $50,000 in the 90 days before Christmas? Would you be interested? Read further and I will teach you exactly how I make $100,000 consistently every year by simply hanging Christmas Lights!

I started hanging Christmas Lights in 1997 and it has been a growing and successful business ever since! Initially, I wanted to hang Christmas lights on my own home. My neighbors wanted Christmas Lights installed as well but found that they were just too busy to do it. They started offering me a lot of money to install their lights for jobs that only took an hour or two! $300, $500, $600… The money was too good to pass up! Soon after my neighbors friends were also asking me to do the same for them and were offering me a lot of money to put them up. That’s when Christmas Kings was born!

The company was founded on the beliefs to help others enjoy the holidays a little more with our services. I want everyone to know what a great business opportunity installing Christmas Lights is! I have made a ton of money and I want to share this amazing business opportunity with the world! In your business, you will offer a wide variety of services in regards to seasonal lighting. With proper training and your professional skills, you can offer lighting for residential, commercial, private parities, weddings, landscape, and holiday… Read more…

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