CHRISTmaths: A Creative Problem Solving Math Book -Click Image To Visit SiteA recreational-and-problem-solving math book, CHRISTmaths: A Creative Problem Solving Math Book attempts to bring together the joy (or spirit) of Christmas and the spirit (or joy) of mathematics.

Looking at topics linking Mathematics and Christmas—what the queen of the sciences and the king of the public holidays have in common—CHRISTmaths will not only appeal to a Christmas or Christian audience, but also to any problem solvers who enjoy mathematics recreationally.

CHRISTmaths hopes to give readers the opportunity to experience the Ah, Aha! and Ha Ha of Mathematics.

Type of e-book: Nonfiction, problem solving, recreational, Singapore math, trick questions Audiences: Suitable for Grades 5-10 Cost of e-book: $9.99 File format: PDF (14.1 MB zipped file) Delivery: Via direct download from Order Confirmation e-mail Product Queries: kcyan.mathplus(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

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