Clean Recipes Made EasyClick Image To Visit SiteHeidi herself has literally been in the catering business since 1999 and at one time was responsible for feeding 600-800 people a day.

WOW that’s a lot of food, but more importantly a lot of people to keep happy, which of course she does on a regular basis.

Heidi’s passion is being able to take a not so healthy meal and turn it into the cleanest version possible.

This project has been months in the making, and we are FINALLY ready to share with you loads of amazing clean eating recipes that you can start producing yourself in literally less than 9 minutes time. YUMM…

No – you will gain immediate access to the pdf documents upon purchase. This way is saves you time and money.

Yes, we have used the best possible ingredients to keep these recipes as healthy as possible. It is important to note, that with everything comes moderation.

By eating clean and healthy you will naturally lose unwanted body fat. By following these recipes you will still be able to enjoy the Beautiful flavours and without the GUILT

Heidi is our Preferred Clean Eating recipe Extrodaniaire. With the years of experience and the thousands of hours of hands on creating we are in very safe hands. (Imagine being one of Heidis children? When I was a child I was sometimes lucky enough to lick the spoons, let alone having creation after creation popping out of the oven)

By following these recipes you will save loads of time. So you can sit back and relax, isn’t that what you really should be doing during this time anyhow?

NO – none of the recipes provided have the calories calculated. Clean eating is about escaping the whole calorie counting debacle and eating healthier options, so that calorie counting… Read more…

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