Computer Repair Mastery CourseClick Image To Visit SiteAnnouncing: The Amazing Computer Repair Videos that have Helped Thousands of People from Over 15 Countries Finally Fix Their PCs Once and For All… Without Ever Again Having to Go and Get Ripped Off at the Local Repair Shop!

Which makes you more frustrated… your computer that never seems to work properly, or spending hundreds of dollars repairing it each year?

What if I told you that you can save hundreds of dollars by simply fixing your computer yourself, and easily learn how to prevent future virus attacks and other mishaps?

It seems that every day another friend of mine’s Facebook account is getting hacked, their laptop fails to boot up, a hard drive dies, on and on…

Of course I get the occassional surprise visit from the evil computer leprechan myself, but for the most part, I prevent a lot of problems from ever occuring.

I work in a company of about 200 hundred people. Over the last 6 years here, I’ve fixed viruses, replaced RAM, installed hard drives, installed graphics cards, removed junk files, etc.

But I’m not in the IT department… Nope, I’m just your ordinary guy that decided to take matters in my own hands and learn about how computers work and how to fix them.

I had a pretty big interest in computers and other techie stuff. I built my own computer when I was in high school. And looking back, do you know how I did it?

A nice guy named Dameon, who worked for my Dad, helped me buy the parts and put it together. After that I built a lot of machines for my friends and businesses.

And guess what? By learning how to build and also fix them, I’ve learned how to prevent most problems from creeping up because I’m aware… Read more…

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