Cooking in Your College Dorm Room Made EasyClick Image To Visit SiteAlmost a year ago, I started college. I was so excited to leave home, be on my own, and make new friends! I was all moved in, started the meal plan, and everything was going to be great…

…until about 3 weeks later. I realized I had eaten just about everything my campus and surrounding town had to offer.  And hey, my college had some pretty good food. But, there’s just a limit to how much pizza, hamburgers, and Subway sandwiches you can eat.

I soon grew tired of the cafeteria. The food was unappetizing and looked like it had been cooked at least 4 hours before. I started to recognize that every campus restaurant was the same. The sight of vending machines and EasyMac made me feel sick. Also, I had eaten enough McDonalds and Taco Bell to last me a lifetime.

On top of being sick of the food, I started feeling pudgy and I was tired, and I had been exercising!

I craved a home-cooked meal, or at least something that looked like one. But there was no way I could drive 5 hours whenever for my mom’s cooking!

I whined and complained to my mom that there was never anything good to eat. Mom, in a nice motherly way, said, “Shut up and start cooking in your dorm room!” The only problem was….I needed recipes that I could cook with very limited appliances, space, and budget. My mom, who is a fantastic cook, came to the rescue and sent me several recipes!

The first recipe my mom sent me was for a Slow Cooker Pot Roast. (Pg #106) It was absolutely delicious, so simple to make and it made my dorm room smell like home! From the leftovers of the pot roast… Read more…

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