Coral M Majoor - HomeClick Image To Visit SiteCoral M Majoor is an accredited healing practitioner who has been serving families and clients around the world for over 30 years. Coral is a fully qualified Bowen Practitioner, gaining her Diploma 11 years ago, she is a member of the BAA and rebates from some Health Funds are available, she also does Energy Clearing and teaches hands on Healing with Reiki as well as teaching Couples how to conceive the Baby of their choosing the natural way and this is now easily taught through her recent e-book. "Choose the Sex of your Baby Easily" she is a published Author and helps you release Trauma, Stress and Blockages.

I specialise in the BOWEN and REIKI healing techniques. These techniques are available in person or by DISTANCE HEALING.

Please email me all your relevant details for a Healing and it will be done within 48 hours. I will do the healing and respond to you. So click here to CONTACT ME

Infertility, back pain, digestive and bowel problems, knee, ankle and foot problems, neck and shoulder problems, anxiety and sleep problems to name but a few, can be treated using BOWEN and/or REIKI healing techniques (click on BOWEN or REIKI for a comprehensive list of ailments that can be treated)

Coral M Majoor – Reiki Master and Teacher Specialising also in Baby Gender Selection

How to conceive the boy or girl of your dreams. YES, YOU CHOOSE YOUR BABY GENDER AND BALANCE YOUR FAMILY

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I am eternally GRATEFUL for these ‘healing gifts’ and am willing to help anyone who takes responsibility for their choices.

Coral M Majoor Skype coral.majoor (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY… Read more…