Create Your Own White House GardenClick Image To Visit Site          Planting your very own kitchen garden has become the hottest trend this summer. By now

House. It will supply the ‘First Family’ with a steady supply of fresh vegetables all throughout the season.

          Why is this trend so popular right now? While everyone enjoys tasty and healthy, locally grown

save money. An estimated 43 million Americans are planning a vegetable garden this year, up 19 percent

from a year ago! The savings are incredible as well; every $100 spent on vegetable gardening yields $1,000

to $1,700 worth of produce, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates. The First Lady was quoted as

          Well whatever your reasons, I have designed this instructional guide with you in mind so that you will have

everything you need to have your own ‘kitchen garden’ in no time at all! This easy guide will explain how you too,

can create your own ‘kitchen garden’ right in your own backyard and enjoy a steady stream of fresh vegetables all

season long. Growing your own produce is an excellent way to reclaim control over what winds up on your family’s

plates. The best part is that it doesn’t need to take a lot of your time. By choosing easy to care for crops such as

          Gardening can be incredibly rewarding as it allows you to create a personal space that is all your own.

It also provides an excellent way to receive good regular exercise as well as the opportunity to spend time out in the

open air. Many people will get an incredible thrill as they watch their first seeds germinate into mature plants, but

others are fearful at the thought of failure because it seems that there is so much to learn. While you are bound to

make mistakes in the beginning, this… Read more…

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