Detailed Displays for Your Dept 56 Houses - Dept56DisplaysClick Image To Visit SiteElizabeth Dinger, the author of the popular Display Tips for Collectible Houses, has written another best seller – Displaying Your Collectible Houses – Displays By Number.

Many have commented on how life-like her displays always look and how mesmerized they are as they just stand there and gaze. Taking in everything in her displays is always a joy!

Forget about all those flat and dull displays. By following her plans you can now create eye catching and memorable displays because this new ebook will show you everything you need to make beautiful displays.

This ebook was written with you in mind. We want you to be able to create these exquisite displays in your own home so every attempt was made to document as many details as possible.

Each of these designs are unique and new. Every display Elizabeth makes is different since she rarely ever creates a display the same way twice. She has been making these displays for 25 years so she has a lot of good ideas she is trying to pass on to you.

Once you get this ebook, you will see for yourself exactly what we are talking about. There is no misinformation here. It is 100% "real" information that comes from the heart and creative mind.

This ebook took a long, long time to create for you and we promise that you won’t be disappointed one bit.

Well, each display comes with a detailed diagram (showing exactly where to place every piece) and a bunch of photos so that you can see the display from many angles. We call this technique "displays by number".

You have heard of, and have probably done, "Paint By Numbers", where you are given a picture to paint – except the picture is more than just an outline or silhouette. The… Read more…

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