DIMMDrive.comClick Image To Visit SiteYour STEAM games will automatically load into DimmDrive, making them quick and easy to enable for lightning fast loading and game play.

Drag any application or game shortcut and drop it into DimmDrive and that’s it. You can use ANY programs too including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and any game!

DimmDrive places your game files in RAM, drastically decreasing your in-game loading times and reducing lag. You can customize how much RAM you want to use, which game or program files you want loaded into RAM, and much more!

Everytime your game needs new assets (moving to a new level, increasing view distance, etc.) they load slowly from the Hard Drive into the RAM, then uses the data and discards it when it is no longer needed.

DimmDrive creates a virtual drive and preloads all game assets into RAM. Whenever your game needs files, they are quickly loaded from the RAM drive, reducing and even eliminating load times. The data is never discarded, allowing the game to reuse it instead of loading it again.

Savegames are instantly stored in the RAM drive, which then synchronizes them to the HDD without affecting your game play and protecting you from data loss in case of an unexpected shutdown.

DimmDrive is the only RAM disk software built specifically for gaming. Integrated with Steam, the biggest PC gaming community plaform, DimmDrive includes custom configurations and syncs your savegames to your hard drive and Steam Cloud as well.

While other programs restrict the complete use of RAM to their own brand modules, DimmDrive can allocate the maximum quantity recognized for your OS, up to 256GB in Windows 8 Enterprise and Professional.

Additionally, if your PC contains a relatively slow hard drive, you can further boost system performance using DimmDrive’s USB3 Turbo Mode.

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