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Discount Online Classes  » Take your tracks from good to AMAZING.Click Image To Visit SiteWhen I was 12 years old, I got hooked on writing music. I started producing music with computers, my guitar, keyboards – anything I could get my hands on. As I kept working and working on writing great music, I kept missing the target. My music was starting to sound good, but there was something the professionals had that I didn’t. So I went to college for music, and I realized that the missing key was a solid understanding of Music Theory. But this is NEVER TALKED ABOUT in electronic music. I went on to get my PhD in music, and teach music theory in colleges and universities all over the world. Now I’ve developed a technique for teaching music theory to ANYONE – without reading music, and using only our computer. This is Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers.

You know it: You know that your music is getting better and better, but you are missing a secret ingredient. You’ve asked all your friends, and you’ve watched a ton of YouTube videos, but you can’t find the secret sauce. You can keep making the same music over and over – and you will – OR, you can GO PRO. This is the missing ingregedient to your music that you’ve been looking for.

Like you, I was starting to think that some people just "had it" and some didn’t, and I was one of the people that didn’t. I could make good music, but I would never make AMAZING music. I went to college for music, I learned everything I could about music – and I discovered that what my music was missing with a firm understanding of a few simple music theory concepts. I started incorporating these techniques into my tracks, and everything changed. In less than a year, my music started getting national… Read more…

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