Discus Fish Guru TextbookClick Image To Visit SiteWe expect that since you intend to be SERIOUS about this hobby and you understand that for any hobby/activity/sport, you have to be willing to be disciplined and properly understand the WHY/WHAT/WHEN/WHERE/HOW. There’s NO SHORTCUT to life and NO FREE LUNCH and there’s certainly NO SUCH THING AS MAGIC either. This book is not for the skiving, lazy hobbyist. I am not like those books that promises that you’ll be a guru in 30 days or that you’ll be an expert. At end of the day, you’ll ONLY BECOME YOUR OWN EXPERT/GURU THROUGH YOUR OWN WILLINGNESS TO LEARN AND EXPERIENCE. I took great pain to write this book through ACTUAL EXPERIENCE rearing these beautiful creatures and TONS AND TONS OF RESEARCH to figure out what went wrong and how certain things can be done to help. This book can be quite extensive in teaching you the fundamentals but I have tried my best to make it as easy to understand as possible. You must ASPIRE TO UNDERSTAND why fishes behave in a certain way and what external factors contribute to this behaviour or bad or good outcome would occur if it were to happen. I also give you MY WORD that unlike all those other websites with so little info, I will dutifully KEEP MY EBOOK UPDATED constantly as well as my corresponding website too. If you do not intend to be SERIOUS in rearing YOUR discus fish, please do not do business with us.

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I’ve kept discus fish for a long time and bred them (at home, a real challenge when I… Read more…

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