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The water won’t go away by itself. Every hour the water is left untreated makes the cleanup more difficult and expensive.

Diving head first into cleanup without any knowledge or help can lead to a dangerous situation, including mold, mildew and bacteria.

You will likely waste much more money in trowing away items you could have salvaged had you read DIY Water Damage.

Potentially save thousands of dollars – especially if you don’t have insurance – by utilizing the knowledge and expereice you will gain from DIY Water Damage.

If you do have insurance, you could be reimbursed thousands of dollars for your effort, products you use and the replacement of unsalvagable items!

You will have immediate peace of mind once you buy DIY Water Damage, use its quick & easy to follow steps and get your home safe, sanitary and odor free for you and your family.

I’m so confident that DIY Water Damage will successfully walk you through cleaning up your water damage that I will give you a full, 100% refund if it does not do everything you expected.

We almost went with it but looked online to see if there were any insturctions on cleaning up water. We really couldn’t find anything until we found your guide. After using it and spending about $400 in tools and replacing some things we saved over 3 grand.

Needless to say, the book was worth every penny. — C. Alice

I really appreciate your hard work in writing DIY Water Damage. I had a mandatory business trip planned for the day after my water damage struck. I couldn’t get a company out that night so I looked for other options. At first, I was… Read more…

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