dub turboIf you are interested in making beats online and I am sure you are if you are at this blog, then you have probably already heard of Dub Turbo by now.

It is causing quite a stir because it is the first DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to be released with every feature that a fully functioning recording studio has and at a mere fraction of the price.

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Although I wanted to write up a blog post and tell you all what the best thing about Dub Turbo was for me!

So what is it?

The quality!

If you have a look about online you can see other programs such as Fruity Loops or Cubase to name a few and these are all very good, but when you start using them you quickly find that if you are a beginner at making rap beats then you will find it a struggle.

Yes the quality of the beats are good, but as I say when you are starting out it can be difficult to make any really good sounds until you do some swatting up on music production.

So this is where Dub Turbo comes in!

It gives you a fully functioning recording studio and all the features, keyboard, drum kit, wave editor and you can even burn your new creations onto CD!

Although the thing that impressed me was the speed in which you could get your music created and out there with it sounding awesome!

All the sound samples that it uses were recorded in a REAL recording studio and that is what will give your beats that “EDGE”.

The other cool thing is that although it has all of those features it is not very complex at all!

You can get up and running and get an awesome beat out there in just 10 mins!

Check out Dub Turbo today and start making some classy beats with ease!

Click Here and Check It Out Today!

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