Easy marketing guide for cosmetologists to make more money

Easy marketing guide for cosmetologists to make more moneyClick Image To Visit SiteIt doesn’t matter whether you are a Hair Stylist, Nail Technician, Massage Therapist, or Makeup Artist.

If you’re a Cosmetologist, and you are not making as much money as you want, then you’ve come to the right place.

Erika’s been a hairdresser for nearly 15 years, working 6 days most weeks, has a regular clientele, and yet…

Amanda, on the other hand, graduated from cosmetology school less than 2 years ago, works 3 or 4 days a week, and like Erika, has regular clientele. The difference is she makes more than double the amount of money Erika makes and her paycheck is increasing week after week.

How is it possible that Erika’s barely getting by? She works more days, she’s more experienced, and she’s got regular clients, too!

So while Erika is working harder, Amanda works smarter. Amanda started marketing her business even before she got out of school. By the time she got her license, she already had a two week waiting list of clients. She’s able to work fewer days because her chair is full all day long. The phone rings constantly with new clients asking for her by name. And she’s booked solid for a month at a time.

“I recently moved from Florida to Georgia and needed to rebuild my clientele quickly. Using a few tips I learned from “Top 10 Modern Marketing Secrets”, I am doing as much business as I did back home but am making twice the money”.

They don’t teach this stuff in school. And they didn’t even mention it back when Erika was in school. The majority of people in your field get their Cosmetology license, have business cards printed and think they’re good to go. Maybe they think new clients will magically appear as regulars move away or… Read more…

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